Why work with me?

As a visual artist, educator, and mentor for over three decades, I have a unique perceptive ability for out-of the box solutions. As a healer to healers, like Persephone of the underworld, I’m not afraid of the dark. Together we gently shine a flashlight on the darkest parts of your soul that are holding you back from the life you’ve always wanted to lead. As a certified intuitive energy scanner, I assess the chakra system in your body to identify blocks and challenges in the present moment. As a scientific hand analyst, I reveal your life purpose so we can transform the flashlight into a laser beam, focused on your reason for being. Your life lesson, also in your hands, when mastered as your ally, leads to your target audience. And, for the deepest blocks buried within your unconscious mind, as a certified family constellation facilitator, we expose the unseen and unspoken challenges passed down systemically, from generation to generation.

Call 310-382-6675 to see if we are genuinely meant to work together toward the life you are meant to lead.