Family Constellations

Family Constellations have nothing to do with astrology or astronomy. However, just as a constellation in the sky is formed by a group of stars that appear in relationship and proximity to one another to form a picture we call Orion or the Big Dipper, so too individuals, because of their relationship and proximity to one another, form a larger family system. In a family constellation, using individuals as representatives for family members, the physical movement and proximity between individuals reveals the hidden dynamics in a family system.

There are three ways to experience a live constellation: as the working client, as a representative in the working client’s family system or, as a witness to the process. Each individual present has the opportunity to gain personal insight from the mutually beneficial experience.

A live constellation experience is created when a group of individuals gather for the intention of resolving particular issues in areas such as health and well being, career, financial, and relationships of all types, from intimate to organizational. The relationships we learn in our own family system are repeated in our relationships to others in an organization or work situation.

What exactly is a Constellation Experience?
A constellation experience is a deep healing process that allows your subconscious to reveal what’s hidden from your awareness. Once you move something from the unconscious to the conscious, you are empowered to make better choices and resolve problems quicker and with ease. In essence, you no longer sabotage yourself from an unconscious state. You operate from conscious decision-making.

How can this help you?
Simply put – it shifts any blocks that may be stopping your success and happiness. We’ve discovered from decades of research, that when you have the desire and goal to change your life, the constellation experience supports your goals and life desires at the deepest levels and at lightning speed. Many of those who attend, experience miraculous shifts.

How does it work?

During a Constellation experience, you are joining a small group of 8 – 10 other attendees committed to breakthroughs in their lives. Each workshop encompasses activities that are focused on resolving any blind spots that may be getting in your way.

Typically, Cheryl facilitates 1 – 2 Personal Constellation experiences per session. When you are in this role you are referred as the working client. These personal Constellations are pre-scheduled through our office. First-timers generally attend to understand the Constellation experience and see the possibilities for themselves. These pre-selected clients have a specific goal in mind. Cheryl facilitates a Constellation process that allows for hidden dynamics that you are unconsciously carrying, to be seen, released, and ultimately allows for profound transformation in your life to occur. 

What breakthroughs can I expect to experience at a Constellation?
We’ve found that breakthroughs have no bounds. Our clients have experienced profound transformation in all areas of their life such has, money, health, romance, forgiveness, family bonding, sibling issues, and loss. Your new insights will solve problems in ways you never knew existed. Because we focus on making the unconscious conscious, the Constellation experience releases any pain you have carried from your past that’s been previously stopping you (and for some of you, that means decades), into creating the outcomes you desire for a fulfilling and happy life.

What if I don’t know my family history?
No problem. We use a basic questionnaire that asks what you do know, which guides Cheryl as a Constellation facilitator. Our many clients simply share what they remember or stories they were told. During the Constellation experience, the subconscious you carry is all knowing, and will guide Cheryl to uncover what’s hidden, deeply supporting your breakthroughs.

How long is a Constellation workshop?
Generally, a Constellation workshop lasts 3 – 4 hours. The individual sessions typically last 45+minutes each.  Sometimes it’s longer or shorter, regardless of the process time, the price remains the same. We also take group breaks between each session. For the most benefit, we ask that you stay for the entirety of the workshop. However if your schedule has a conflict, please let us know prior to the start of the workshop so we can accommodate your needs.

How do I sign up as a working client?
Becoming the working client for your Constellation is easy.  To book your appointment, simply call Cheryl at 310-382-6675 or email her at Cheryl will provide you with a questionnaire on your family history as well your desired outcomes for the Constellation experience. Then you’ll find a mutual time that best fits your schedule. You will also be sending your forms back to Cheryl 48 hours prior to your workshop.On the day of your Constellation experience, Cheryl will have a brief conversation to clarify your goals.

What is a Distance Constellation?
The Distance Constellation is similar to the Constellation experience. However, the biggest difference is that the Distance Constellation does not require your physical presence. Instead, Cheryl uses an attendee proxy to Represent you, while still attaining your desired goals. It is not uncommon for people to remark that they receive the same results whether they are present at the actual workshop, or they experience the transformation through a Distance Constellation.

What are Organizational Constellations?
Organizational Constellations work in the same way as personal Constellations. However, the focus is on the application of the Constellation principles to cause breakthroughs within your organization. These breakthroughs alter workplace patterns and communication, allowing for more business growth. Organizational Constellations shift dynamics and increase employee retention, engagement and loyalty for your business.

About Constellations

Ancestral family systems, social networks, businesses, cultural and spiritual systems – each one of these systems holds you like a huge “net” – holding you and everything together to ensure the system’s strength and survival. These subconscious bonds and loyalties exist in every aspect of your life. Constellations can reveal these entanglements and free you from their control. While experiencing the invisible dynamics in Real Time we are releasing its hold on you simultaneously allowing change to happen at a faster pace in your life.

The result is you can leave whatever is not serving you in the past, and move forward into a prosperous and unencumbered future.

All Constellations provide a unique window into these secret alliances and entangled energies in your life, which stop your CHI and your life-force, from moving forward. Subconsciously, you may feel there is an unspoken debt that needs to be paid before you can find fulfillment. By revealing these entanglements, you have the ability to create healthy boundaries between those who came before you and yourself today. Each generation has a chance to start anew, and any perceived “price” left to be paid is not yours to pay. Their karma is theirs, not yours. Family loyalties are strong, and we often take on burdens that are not yours to carry. Without realizing it, you can do so in order to feel you belong to the family system. Ironically, you belong anyway, without doing a thing. But this often creates an emotional entanglement of GUILT. If you begin to do well, you may feel guilty for not suffering like they did. SHAME is another family dynamic which can keep you feeling stuck and unfulfilled. Even though you may outwardly say  ” I don’t need anyone’s approval”, inside you may often feel hurt and excluded within your own family system. Even FEAR is used to stop us in our tracks if we dare to venture too far from the familial pattern. But while these may be the negative ties that bind us, there is a way to transform these entanglements into actual support. Subtle family dynamics affect your prosperity on many levels, and the Constellation process allows you to see how you got to where you are.

Live Constellations—$295

The Fee for a live, in person, Family, Ancestral & Systemic Constellation Session is $295. Please RSVP in ADVANCE by paying through PayPal or with a check to secure your working client spot.

Distance Constellations – $395

All Constellations can also be done from a distance. Consciousness knows no time or space. We set your goals and complete an historical questionnaire which we discuss before we work. Then we have a closing telephone or SKYPE Consultation afterwards. Fee for a Distance Constellation Session is $395. Please RSVP in ADVANCE by paying online or with a check to secure your working client spot.